Avelino and José Antolín's workshop, 1950


Virtual reconstruction of the original workshop where the Antolín Group was born in Salas de Burgos street.







From a small workshop to the world


Grupo Antolín, one of the leading global manufacturers of vehicle interiors, was born in Burgos, in a modest workshop in Calle Salas. In 1950 the Antolin brothers invented the rubber-metal steering ball joint, including a rubber part, which made it longer lasting and more resistant. This invention represented a great advance in the resistance and safety of millions of vehicles.




We were looking for a virtual reconstruction as faithful as possible to the original workshop, so we had to gather all the information available: stories, photographs and documents, although it was not enough.

Archaeology of industrial heritage

We were lucky enough to be able to visit the old premises, now occupied by another business, together with a former workshop worker who still remembered the layout of the spaces and the machines. After an analysis of the spaces we collected all the information necessary for the virtual reconstruction


The virtual reconstruction


For the 3D modeling, all the visual references obtained in the documentation phase were taken and it was done taking into account its future use: 360º visualization through virtual reality glasses in the exhibition Empresas con Historia.


Taller de Antolín. Reconstrucción virtual en 360º. Modelo 3D.taller_modelo_3d_reconstruccion_virtual_patrimonio_industrialTaller de Antolín. Reconstrucción virtual en 360º. Modelo 3D. Render.


Virtual Reality


Visiting missing spaces

We include our model in a virtual reality viewing system, through rotating periscopes. The visitors of the exhibition "Companies with History" could see Antolin's workshop as it was in the 50's.



The  joint


The invention that catapulted the Antolin brothers to success.

We digitally reconstruct the model of the ball-and-socket joint, for hyper-realistic rendering in different environments.






Team that has developed this project

Gonzalo Andrés López - Reconstrucción virtual de patrimonio en 3DUBU

Gonzalo Andrés López

Coordinación y documentación
Javier Mateos Luis - Reconstrucción virtual de patrimonio en 3DUBU

Javier Mateos

Modelado 3D y texturizado
David Checa Cruz - Reconstrucción virtual de patrimonio en 3DUBU

David Checa Cruz

Realidad virtual y renderizado
Mario Alaguero Rodríguez - Reconstrucción virtual de patrimonio en 3DUBU

Mario Alaguero