Medieval salt mines - Poza de la Sal (Burgos)

Virtual reconstruction project of the medieval heritage in Poza de la Sal. Recreation of its medieval salt mines, its environment and its operation.         .


Value enhancement

The Poza salt production complex has been catalogued as a Historical Site and a Property of Cultural Interest since 2001, so its uniqueness and importance were already being appreciated. In this case our virtual reconstruction served as an audiovisual support to a documentary made by tvUBU - Universidad de Burgos    

3D animation and Matte painting

We made a 3D model of the salt extraction system and animated it to explain its arrangement. In addition, we recreated through matte painting the original situation of the environment of the salt ponds when they were in operation, on a plane recorded at present.
Reconstrucción virtual de Poza de la Sal: Salinas
Salinas medievales en Poza de la Sal. Reconstrucción virtual.