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We are a team made up of professors, researchers and students from the Universidad de Burgos

What do we do at 3dUBU?

Virtual Reconstruction

Educational Projects

Industry Projects

In 3DUBU we are dedicated to virtually reconstruct lost buildings and environments or those that have changed a lot over time. We resort to historical and archaeological documentation sources to make an approach to each element and we place it in a specific historical moment to help its dissemination and knowledge.

VG VR 2021 3

Vitoria-Gasteiz Cathedral 360º

Virtual reconstruction of the Cathedral of Vitoria-Gasteiz 360º

Plaza de Santa María, Burgos 1921

Burgos 1921 360º: VII Centenary of the Burgos Cathedral

Virtual reconstruction of the surroundings of the Burgos Cathedral in 1921. 360º video

Reconstrucción virtual de Vitoria-Gasteiz S.XII por 3DUBU

Doors of Vitoria-Gasteiz 360º

Virtual reconstruction of the gates of the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz in 360º

Modelo Burgos S.XV - Reconstrucción virtual de patrimonio

The city of Burgos in the 15th century

Virtual reconstruction project in volumetric form (model) of the heritage in 3D with Blender of the city of Burgos in the 15th century

Vitoria-Gasteiz Siglo XII plano abierto

Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Early Middle Ages

Virtual reconstruction for the documentary "The Origins of Vitoria-Gasteiz"

Bolsitas Brigada-22

50th anniversary Gonvarri

Virtual reconstruction for the documentary "El sueño de Doña Blanca", about the foundation and concession of the town of Briviesca in the 14th century

In 3dUBU we also develop educational applications. You can download the experiences we have created as well as access the educational experiences we have created.

Imagen tutorial vr

Computer Assembly Serious Game

You can download for free the game to use it in your classes and improve the learning in concepts associated with computer hardware assembly.


Cutting tools training program

In this work a VR-based educational application is developed. Its objective is to aid in the instruction of engineering students on induction motor concepts.


Induction motors Virtual Reality educational application

In this work, a VR-based educational application is developed. Its objective is to help in the instruction of engineering students on electric motor concepts.

In 3DUBU we also carry out projects for industry

simulador realidad virtual puente grua

Overhead crane simulator

Immersive Virtual Reality module for the prevention of occupational hazards in the interaction with overhead cranes (GruaRV)

Aniversario 50 años Gonvarri

Gonvarri 4.0 Virtual Training Room

Design of a bridge crane simulator in virtual reality, contents and assembly of a training room within the framework of the Industry 4.0 initiative developed by Gonvarri

Hiperbaric - Toro descarga


Video realizado para mostrar el proceso de descarga y posicionamiento de una máquina Hiperbárica H55


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