Chapel of San Narciso - Church of San Feliz de Gerona

Project of virtual reconstruction of the heritage in 3D with Blender of the Chapel of San Narciso in the Church of San Feliz de Gerona from a cloud of points generated by a laser scan.






Laser scanning or modeling?

In 2010 the restoration company Artemisa offered us to investigate the possibility of modifying a huge point cloud obtained by laser scanning for reuse in other display formats. For this we carried out different actions:

Automatic Rhetopology

At the time, the tools of automatic retopology were not so powerful, so the results were not very useful, creating complex and unusable forms.

Manual Rhetopology

A manual retopology process was tested, modifying the mesh generated through the point cloud and repairing the scanning errors and complex topology. This process produced a realistic and useful model but was arduous and costly in resources.

Complete 3D modeling

A low resolution 3D modeling was made taking advantage of the measurements and shapes of the point cloud obtained from the laser scan, which greatly expedited the speed of work, with very direct and comfortable references.

Point Cloud Rendering

The texture was projected onto the point cloud of the laser scan and was tried to render, obtaining very poor results with a high amount of rendering time.

After the tests, the complete 3D modeling was chosen, taking advantage of the point cloud of the laser scan only as a reference. In this way, the modeling process was speeded up by having clear and realistic references and a mesh with a clean and careful topology was obtained.





Team that has developed this project

Andrés Bustillo Iglesias - Reconstrucción virtual de patrimonio en 3DUBU

Andrés Bustillo Iglesias

Coordinación y documentación
Mario Alaguero Rodríguez - Reconstrucción virtual de patrimonio en 3DUBU

Mario Alaguero

Modelado 3D