Reconstruction of the industrial heritage: Casetas de Oceja Mine (León)


Virtual reconstruction of the mouth and mine of the Casetas district, belonging to Oceja de Valdellorma in the north of the province of León. The project consisted of modeling the environment and the mine to insert it digitally on the real terrain at present (in which no original traces are preserved).






Documentation of industrial heritage

Unfortunately, there are no archaeological remains of the mine, which was demolished after its abandonment. For this, we resorted to documentation through original photographs and contrasted testimonies of the retired miners themselves.




Once the model was made, it could be inserted over a video recorded at the original location of the mine. This montage could be used to recreate events such as the mine explosion or its fictionalized reconstruction.




Virtual reconstruction and computer graphics for the documentary "Los 14 de Casetas".


Other illustrative models were made to help understand the dimensions and distribution of the mine. We also resorted to 2D animation, simpler and clearer to illustrate the work in the mine, making a section of the mountain where it was located, representing the different galleries and spaces.

Modelo 3D reconstrucción virtual de la mina de Casetas de Oceja. León. Interior


2D Animation


Our team combined the virtual reconstruction with the design of 2D illustrations that served to support the didactics of the documentary: "Los 14 de Casetas".





All the materials generated were incorporated into the documentary "Los 14 de Casetas", by Raquel Rodríguez, which narrates the accident that occurred in the mine in 1954. The virtual reconstruction served as a visual support to explain the context of the tragedy.