Induction motors Virtual Reality educational application






In this work, a VR-based educational application is developed.

Its objective is to help in the instruction of engineering students on electric motor concepts.


Induction motor basics training

This first module focuses on the main components of induction motors, the assembly of workbenches and familiarization with the elements of induction motors.


MCSA to detect faults in induction motors

The second module employs motor current signature analysis to detect induction motor faults such as broken rotor bars, unbalanced misalignments and gradual wear of gear teeth. The practical application of MCSA represents a challenging task and is crucial in the training of new maintenance technicians.


Thermography for the detection of faults in kinematic chains

This third module allows to learn how to detect seven electromechanical failures in a powertrain. The tool is based on real thermographic data from experiments on a real powertrain where thermal images were acquired with a low-cost infrared sensor.

Download the application here:

Induction motors Virtual Reality educational application

Works in Oculus and Htc Vive. Desktop HMDs


Gameplay Modulo 3


Some images of the application