Immersive Virtual Reality module for the prevention of occupational hazards in the interaction with overhead cranes (CraneVR).


Immersive Virtual Reality

Allows for a first-person experience, increasing motivation and therefore learning effectiveness for end users.

Photorealistic Models

Allows to simulate different environments as well as lighting conditions of the 3D environment that may affect visibility (low luminosity, zenithal lights...).

Real interface

It can be used with virtual reality devices as well as a real overhead crane control panel.

Module A

It consists of learning how to handle the bridge crane and to identify the risks derived from its use in a learning process by levels of difficulty in the detection of occupational hazards. It allows to simulate: Training: Training circuits. Different types of tools and loads and illuminations...

Module B

Learning / interaction with the immersive model consisting of the user moving around the factory identifying the occupational hazard points due to the movement of loads with overhead cranes.

Learning level measurement metrics

metrics for measuring the level of learning and learning strategies from the data collected in the database using data mining and machine learning techniques to extract patterns of correct behavior or bad habits in the handling of overhead cranes (Module A) or in the movement of users through the factory in the presence of these moving elements (Module B).

Compatible with virtual reality headsets



Compatible with all Oculus desktop virtual reality headsets


Steam VR

Compatible with all Steam VR desktop VR headsets

You can download different versions depending on which virtual reality headset you have.

Oculus CraneVR

Application optimized to work with Oculus devices (tested with Rift S and Oculus Quest with link cable)

SteamVR CraneVR

Application optimized to work with Steam VR compatible devices (tested with Htc Vive pro Eye).

Video summary of the simulator

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